Part 1: Ethical Question

Part 1: Ethical Question.

Part 1: Ethical Question

Before writing the paper, you will need to spend some time thinking  about the specific ethical issue you want to focus on throughout this  course.

  • Begin this task by viewing the list of approved ethical topics and  questions provided in the Week 1 Announcement titled: “Written  Assignment Ethical Topics and Questions List.” Take some time looking  over the list and browsing through some of the material in the  corresponding chapters of the textbook in which each topic is addressed  and decide which to focus on.
  • Once you have done this, choose one of the ethical questions  associated with that topic. If you wish to do so, you may formulate your  own ethical question, but it must be on one of the topics listed in the announcement.  Be sure to carefully study the provided questions and model your own  question after them in terms of specificity and ethical focus.”

Place the ethical question under the Part 1: Ethical Question heading at the top of the paper.

Part 2: Introduction

In this section of your paper, you should introduce the topic and  question at issue by doing the following (not necessarily in this exact  order):

  • Explain its relevance and importance.
  • Define any key terms and concepts.
  • Provide any relevant context and background information.
  • Briefly reference an idea, quote, or analysis of the issue that you  have found in one of the required resources on the topic.  Required  resources include the textbook chapter focused on that topic (6, 7, 8,  9, or 10), the “Primary Sources” listed at the end of Chapters 6-9, and  the “readings listed under “Further Reading” at the end of each section  in Chapter 10.

The introduction will be the longest section of this assignment and  should be at least 300 words in one or two paragraphs. Place the  introduction material under the Part 2: Introduction.

Part 1: Ethical Question

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