Military regimes.

Military regimes..

Question 7

During the Progressive Era, Carlos Montezuma became an outspoken critic of federal Indian policy. What is Montezuma’s main argument in his article “What Indians Must Do,” published in the Society of American Indians?

  Montezuma condemned federal paternalism toward the Indians and called for the abolition of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

  Montezuma’s writing had a tremendous influence at the time on government policy.

  Montezuma praised federal paternalism toward Indians. 

  Montezuma supported the transformation of communal landholdings on reservations into family farms.

Question 8

Throughout the 20th century, every single Latin American nation was ruled by a military regime, with the exception of one country:

  Costa Rica 




Question 9

By the 1950s, much of the promise of development and democracy seemed hollow. If reform was not successful in addressing Latin America’s problems, what option was followed by five nations?

  Continue to rely on US economic and political dependency. 


  Military regimes. 

  Revolutionary Option 

Question 10

What are the four stages of social movements?

  Emergence, coalescence, bureaucratization, decline. 

  Repression co-option, success, failure. 

  Clandestinely, underground, implicit, mainstream. 

  Development, diversification, stagnation, boom. 

Question 11

In the study of people across time, professionals often times employ a periodic approach over a thematic approach. In studying history by periods, we get a false sense of terminality. The alternative to this false sense of terminality is the thematic approach of changes and continuities. What is the advantage of studying history through the theme of changes and continuities?

  The theme of changes and continuities makes history easier to understand, since time is treated in a linear fashion, not in a circular manner.

  By studying history in a thematic approach, we get a better sense of how people fare across time and get a better sense of what conditions have really changed, or if exploitative conditions continue to be the same as in the past.

  Thematic approach gives historians a better understanding on how to prevent making the same mistakes from the past.

  Thematic approach allows historians to better predict the future. 

Military regimes.

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