22) What statement best describes Goya’s Executions of the Third of May,

In what regard is Velazquez’s masterpiece The Maids of Honor (Las

Meniñas), a scene in the artist’s royal studio, most remarkable?

a.  the novel treatment of a religious theme

b.  a brilliant use of red, blue, and gold

c.  its mood of gaiety and self-indulgence

d.  its complex arrangement of space

12)  Which of these works would most likely be performed at the court of Louis

XIV at Versailles?

a.  a cantata by J. S. Bach

b.  a concerto grosso by Vivaldi

c.  a ballet de cour by Lully

d.  an oratorio by HandelUnit 3 Examination


GED 120 Introduction to Humanities

13)  What would the Academy, as established under the rule of Louis XIV, most

likely do?

a.  ensure a religious content in pictures

b.  impose absolutist neoclassical rules on artists

c.  oversee the Dutch market in paintings

d.  encourage innovative styles of painting

14)  Which of these figures is associated with the heliocentric theory of the universe, an important advance in the Scientific Revolution?

a.  Nicolaus Copernicus

b.  John Locke

c.  René Descartes

d.  Antonio Vivaldi

15)  What feature or description characterizes Christopher Wren’s design for St.

Paul’s Cathedral?

a.  use of an encircling monumental colonnade

b.  compromise between native English and continental elements

c.  the strong influence of absolutist France

d.  elaborate Italian baroque decoration

16)  Which two artists are most closely associated with the rococo style in art?

a.  Jacques Louis David and Thomas Jefferson

b.  Peter Paul Rubens and Nicolas Poussin

c.  Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Mozart

d.  J.-H. Fragonard and Antoine Watteau

17)  In what phenomenon did the Parisian Madame Geoffrin play an important


a.  recovering the treasures of Pompeii and Herculaneum

b.  ending the aristocracy’s dominance in French art

c.  the development of ballet as an independent art form

d.  the success of the salon as an intellectual and social occasion

18)  What term describes the idea, popularized by J.-J. Rousseau, that human

society originated in an agreement among naturally free individuals to establish the rule of law and civil society?

a.  sensibilité

b.  the divine covenant

c.  neoclassicism

d.  the social contractUnit 3 Examination


GED 120 Introduction to Humanities

19)  What was the most notable achievement of Marie-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun?

a.  paint flattering portraits of Europe’s nobility

b.  compose popular operas performed in Vienna and Prague

c.  reform the practice of ballet dance

d.  establish a famous salon in rococo Paris

20)  Which of these works might have been most influenced by Palladio’s book of

classical designs, an important document in eighteenth-century neoclassicism?

a.  Jefferson’s Monticello

b.  Haydn’s London symphonies

c.  Noverre’s ballet d’action

d.  Boffrand’s Hôtel de Soubise

21)  Which figure, inspired by the principles of the French revolution, led the

inhabitants of his Caribbean island home against the power of the

Napoleonic empire?

a.  Toussaint l’Ouverture

b.  George Washington

c.  Símon Bolívar

d.  Thomas Jefferson

22)  What statement best describes Goya’s Executions of the Third of May,


a.  creates a mysterious landscape through effects of light and color

b.  evokes an atmosphere of exotic pleasure and sensual delight

c.  expresses a romantic protest against tyranny and oppression

d.  shows the influence of classical sculpture in its treatment of the figure

23)  Which of these romantic works inspired a set of illustrations by Delacroix,

several Lieder by Schubert, and an opera by Charles Gounod?

a.  David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps

b.  Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

c.  Berlioz, Symphonie fantastique

d.  Goethe, FaustUnit 3 Examination

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