Describe the facts relating to the event/place/person/group


[1]  Describe the facts relating to the event/place/person/group

[2]  Describe the mythical version or mythical aspects of how the story was retold in later years

[3]  Tell when & why Americans (or a specific sub-group thereof) promoted the mythical version instead of the facts

the “Massachusetts Revolution of 1774” vs. Battle of Lexington & Concord  

Paul Revere and his “Midnight Ride” 

Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States (popularly known as the “Declaration of Independence”) 

“Molly Pitcher” 

The “coldest winter” at Valley Forge

Dunmore’s & Clinton’s Proclamations vs. “patriot slaves” 

Great Siege of Gibraltar vs. Battle of Yorktown 



Describe briefly why the United States needed to replace the Articles of Confederation, then describe in detail how the Constitution (as amended with the Bill of Rights) successfully resolved the problems facing the new nation in the 1780s.

*The essay one page lenght 

*The terms about a paragraph lenght 

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