Question 12. What is wrong with this citation: (Mason, Women and the Fashion Industry, 2005).

Week One Skill Activity

Complete the activity on the skill-building materials assigned for the week.

Question 1. Paraphrasing or summarizing information—putting it into your own words—without acknowledging the source by using in-text citations is          

·      stealing someone else’s work and presenting it as your own.         

·       not plagiarism.    

·      a minor formatting error.              

·       all of these.          

Question 2. Paraphrasing is

·      when you put the information from a source into your own words.   

·     material used word-for-word from a source.          

·     an image that you use from a source.       

·     All of the above. 

Question 3. This is an example of common knowledge: The Civil War began in 1861 and ended in 1865.          

·     True    

·     False     

Question 4. This is an example of common knowledge: There are fifty states in the United States.       

·     True    

·      False    

Question 5. Common knowledge is any information available on the internet   

·     True    

·     False       

Question 6. This is an example of common knowledge: The sky is blue.       

·    True    

·     False       

Question 7.  This is an example of common knowledge: President Eisenhower’s foreign policy strategy was called the New Look and it included downsizing the military, using covert special operations when he thought it benefitted the national interest, and relying on the threat of nuclear attack as a diplomatic negotiating tactic.

·    True    

·     False 

Question 8. Plagiarism is using someone else’s words, ideas, or material without acknowledging the source.   

·     True    

·      False 

Question 9.  Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work, including words, ideas, or material, as your own.    

·      True    

·      False 

Question 10.  Making up a source or information in your paper is          

·     just a minor offense and not really plagiarism.      

·     the best way to meet all of the requirements of an assignment.     

·     plagiarism, which is a serious academic offense.              

·    an acceptable way to make your instructor think that you put more work into your paper than you did. 

Question 11.  Only sources that you actually read and used in your paper should appear on your reference list.  

·     True    

·      False     

Question 12.   What is wrong with this citation: (Mason, Women and the Fashion Industry, 2005).             

·    The author’s first name should be there    

·    The Title of the work should not be there              

·     The title of the work should be underlined, not italicized    

·     nothing              

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