Similarly, J.A. Hobson, in “Imperialism”, explains how those who are in the government take advantage and make political choices

In the “Origin of Species”, by Charles Darwin, he explains the theory of Natural Selection or Survival of the Fittest. This theory states that only the strongest ones, those that can deal with changes in environment or food availability, for example, are the ones that will survive. This means that Nature is wise enough to only allow for a limited number of organisms living at a time, otherwise the Earth would be overpopulated. Darwin also explains that this theory works given random changes or variability and compares it with how men methodically select or make choices that would benefit him. Similarly, J.A. Hobson, in “Imperialism”, explains how those who are in the government take advantage and make political choices based on how these would affect them and their social and economic status, while these decisions should be based on how they would affect a nation and its people. Hebson also contrasts Darwin’s theory of evolution when he explains how men evolved from making political decisions for the good of a nation to making these decisions for their own personal good, following an impulse and not reason.  Darwin’s theory is a disadvantage for European Imperialism because it explains how whenever there is variation or changes in an environment (whether it is natural or political), changes can result that make organisms more fit to survive in this new environment. However,  in Imperialism, changes are only being made to benefit a small portion of society. For example, when the British invaded other countries and beat the natives living there, these natives might have developed (modified) ideas or ways in which they could survive despite of the intruders.

Discussion 2:


Darwin’s theory of evolution concluded that the strongest will survive over other species but not because of physical strength. The strongest were to survive because they were searching and fighting for ways to remain existent such as looking for power in weaker regions which lead to overcoming land and looking for resources. Because the Europeans sought to believe that they were the most powerful race amongst the other races making the other races considered weak. This is compared to the survival of the fittest. Imperialists used the same concept to conquer foreign territory believing that affirming their dominance to the weak to make themselves stronger was natural

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  • (Important Note: The last reading below “Thomas Bender pp.182-245” is not a primary source. It is not evidence at ground zero of the historical period you are examining. It is a secondary source. It is two or more generations detached from the historical event you are studying. It is a chapter in a book by Thomas Bender, A Nation Among Nations: America’s Place in World History, (Hill and Wang, 2006). I want all of you to pay close attention, as you read this chapter, to how Bender uses primary sources to support his argument. This reading will also be on the weekly quiz.)

This note is only for the last one attached  “Thomas Bender pp.182-245”

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