Between 1815 and 1860, southern production of cotton

The US War against Mexico was supported by…

A.All Americans
B.Mostly the North
C.Mostly Texas
D.Mostly the South with Texas leading

n 1834, Lowell’s women workers struck to protest against

A.wage cuts
B.unsanitary living conditions
C.poor sales
D.coerced church attendance

Americans were attracted to Texas in the 1820s by the

A.prospect of mining for precious metals
B.lure of cheap land for cotton cultivation
C.Mexican demand for American products
D.flourishing trade in bison robes and cowhides

Texas was settled by Austin and others who also took

A.mostly Chinese indentured laborers
B.Irish day laborers
C.German laborers
D.“permanent indentured laborers”

In Solomon Northup’s article, why did Randall’s mother cry so hard?

A.because her owner gave her a hundred lashes.
B.because Randall, her son was going to be sold and separated from her.
C.because Randall cussed her out.
D.because her husband had been killed.

Women’s rights movements grew out of

A.abolition movements
B.the temperance movement
D.efforts to abolish prostitution in cities

Prostitutes in the 1850s were generally

A.Quaker women
B.immigrant women
C.Indian men
D.Native born women

Between 1815 and 1860, southern production of cotton

A.represented more than half of all American exports
B.harmed the interests of northern merchants and western farmers
C.contributed to a decline in the region’s income
D.declined in favor of tobacco

Urban growth in many Northeast cities brought also the

A.growth of urban poverty and crime
B.growth in healthier and more comfortable living conditions
C.growth of women professionals
D.growth in slavery in the cities
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