The slave insurrections of Gabriel Prosser in 1800 and Denmark Vesey in 1822 were both thwarted by…

The role of the ideal woman (of the “Middling class”) during the mid-nineteenth century America was to politically equal to men
B.perform tasks in the family’s struggle to get ahead.
C.pursue a rewarding and professional career
D.create a clean, tranquil and wholesome home for family life

Who among the Cherokees owned slaves?

A.Christian missionaries sent by the U.S
B.none of the above
C.mixed-blood elite adopting the lifestyle of the Southern planter culture
D.Cherokees did not own slaves

What choice did the Ridges make that set them against John Ross?

A.the Ridges took a majority of the Cherokees with them to start a new nation
B.started building an alliance with the other “civilized tribes” to fight against Georgia & the U.S
C.illegally signed a treaty accepting the US offer of a cash settlement for Cherokee territory
D.they believed in the common decency of white Americans

Republican ideology involved

A.abolition as one of the unifying factors to the party
B.becoming economically independent, or owning property, in order to vote
C.extending political votes to all immigrants and blacks
D.offering economic opportunities to the Irish

Which of the following was NOT a new technological invention that transformed American lives during the nineteenth century?

B.cotton gin
C.sewing machine

When the majority of Cherokee would not leave their land after the removal deadline passed, how did the U.S. and Georgia governments respond?

A.U.S. troops and state militia made sure that Cherokee children, women and the elderly were safe in their resettlement
B.Jackson attempted to mediate a compromise between Georgia and the Cherokees in order to support the Supreme Court decision
C.In 1838, the Cherokees were forced from their land and marched 850-miles that killed more than a quarter of their population
D.all of the above

Jackson (even though he was a Tennessee planter) and the Democrats

A.started the Whig party
B.attacked slavery as an institution
C.attacked the classes of “privilege” or the “aristocracy”
D.was elected directly by American citizens in the new republic

One of the causes of the internal slave trade was

A.the rising demand for sugar
B.the invention of the cotton gin, and the rising demand for cotton
C.the rising demand for rice and indigo
D.the rising demand for tobacco
E.all of the above

The slave insurrections of Gabriel Prosser in 1800 and Denmark Vesey in 1822 were both thwarted by…

A.internal betrayal by fellow slaves
B.mass executions of the leaders
C.random killing of innocent blacks
D.white discovery of the plots

How did the state of Georgia respond after the Indian Removal Bill passed?

A.sold lottery tickets of Cherokee land to white settlers
B.passed new laws declaring meetings of the Cherokee legislature and courts illegal
C.Forced missionaries who lived among the Cherokees to sign oaths of allegiance to Georgia and jailed those who refused
D.all of the above
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