Women workers at the Lowell mills

Which of Hamilton’s proposals was attacked as unconstitutional by Thomas Jefferson?

A.tax on whiskey
B.creation of a national bank
C.taxes on foreign luxuries
D.federal assumption of state debts

Proslavery advocates argued that southern black slaves…

A.received better treatment than northern factory workers
B.did not need the paternal guidance of white masters
C.deserved gradual emancipation and limited economic opportunities
D.were equal to whites

The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

A.proposed state nullification of unconstitutional laws
B.obstructed enforcement of federal laws
C.resulted in civil war in the 1790s
D.violated the Bill of Rights

Urban mayhem helped bring the first …. to reform cities like Boston and New York.

B.bars as voting places

During the 1830s, the Cherokee Indians

A.laid siege to the federal capital
B.lost tribal lands as a result of their military defeat
C.lost a quarter of their national population in a forced removal to Oklahoma
D.defied a Supreme Court ruling in their attempt to avoid deportation

During the American Revolution, the Cherokees chose the side of

A.the British
B.the Americans
C.their own side
D.the non-aligned

The Missouri Compromise Line allowed for

A.no new slave states to enter the union
B.slavery only south of the Missouri line
C.the equal number of slaves in each new state entering the union
D.slavery only north of the Missouri line

What was President Andrew Jackson’s first priority once he came to office?

A.peaceful negotiations between Indians and white settlers
B.christianization of Indians
C.Indian removal from lands that white settlers wanted
D.the creation of a strong national bank

Outworkers were

A.the most vehement abolitionists
B.Freed Black women who worked as domestic servants in the North
C.women who worked from home
D.Freed Black men who worked as day laborers

For southern white women, the “sorest spot” of slavery was the

A.double standard of plantation sexuality
B.excessive cruelty of the overseers
C.obligation to feed, clothe, and nurse additional children
D.social isolation and loneliness

African American slaves in the south resisted their slavery condition in which of the following ways?

A.running away
B.theft & arson
C.pretending to be ill
E.all of the above

Which of the following played a major role in the economic and social transformation of mid-nineteenth century America?

A.improved transportation
C.geographical expansion
D.new inventions
E.all of the above

Women workers at the Lowell mills

A.routinely burned down factories
B.occupied operative as well as managerial positions
C.lived in closely supervised company boardinghouses
D.seldom formed close ties with one another

In Norman Asing’s 1852 letter to California Governor John Bigler, he states that he is

A.not like other Chinese immigrants, as he is better educated than they are.
B.loose with his money, spending it on taverns and gambling houses like the other Chinese.
C.discriminated against like African Americans.
D.a naturalized citizen of the United States, from Charleston, South Carolina
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