10. Grafton Eliot Smith and William Perry, major figures associated with the school of British diffusionism in the early 20th century, proposed that:

l of anthropological linguistics is to determine the number of phonemes (phonetic structure) that exist in different languages. This goal is accomplished by employing the use of:

a. minimal pairs

b. phone taps

c. maximal differences

d. syntax units

2. The word “lower” contains:

a. two bound morphemes

b. two bound phonemes

c. two free morphemes

d. one bound morpheme and one free morpheme

3. The words “boy” and “girl” are:

a. bound phonemes

b. bound morphemes

c. free morphemes

d. bound phones

4. An example of a bound morpheme in English is:

a. the phrase “boys will be boys”

b. the word “boys”

c. the word “boy”

d. the “s” in the word “boys”

5. How many morphemes are there in the English word “antidisestablishmentarianism”?

a. 1

b. 6

c. 28

d. 0

6. The goal of ethnosemantics is to understand:

a. that reality is inherently unorganized and can be perceived in any way; thus, color

naming, plant classification, and time categories are completely arbitrary

b. the meanings of words, phrases, and sentences and how members of other societies use

language to organize things, events, and behaviors

c. that languages and behavior are the same

d. that classification systems in all societies are random

7. Linguistic anthropologists find that people who are forced to abandon their native language and culture:

a. begin to lose their self-esteem

b. all speak English

c. are better off socially and economically

d. easily regain both in 100 years

8. The concept of ____________ maintains that societal change occurs when societies borrow cultural traits from one another.

a. functionalism

b. structuralism

c. evolutionary dispersal

d. diffusionism

9. The body of anthropological theory concerned with the spread of technology, religion, economic systems, art forms, and other expressions of culture is known as:

a. idealism

b. particularism

c. functionalism

d. diffusionism

10. Grafton Eliot Smith and William Perry, major figures associated with the school of British diffusionism in the early 20th century, proposed that:

a. each culture has a key personality type

b. a culture can only be interpreted in the context of its own historical development

c. culture’s principal function is establishing institutions to guide behavior

d. all aspects of civilization are derived from the culture of ancient Egypt

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