In the 1920s, Prohibition was


A major sex symbol in the 1920s was

a.F. Scott Fitzgerald

b.Rudolph Valentino

c.Micheal S. Finkbeiner

d.Charlie Chapman


In the 1920s, the Klu Klux Klan

a.incited racial violence at the Cotton Club in New York City, leaving 213 people dead

b.had lost much of its following due to divisions within the group itself


d.Enlisted the help of both Catholics and Jews to stand against people of color


In the 1920s, Prohibition was

a.largely supported by most Americans

b.highly successful in keeping alcohol off the streets

c.generally ignored by the government and the people of the United States

d.a highly contested topic in American culture


In the 1920s, politicians

a.continued to actively pursue global imperialism

b.spent much energy trying to get rid of President Coolidge

c.made sustained attempts to stop the spread of poverty in the United States

d.backed away from interfering with foreign regimes


What was a major law or program of the First Hundred Days?

a.Farm Mortgage Assistance

b.Railroad Redundancy Program

c.Farming Affirmation Act of 1934

d.All of the above


What was The Dust Bowl?

a.a natural disaster of windstorms and dark skies

b.the ship brought down by German submarines in June 1914

c.A term created by Franklin D. Roosevelt to describe the American economy

d.none of the above

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