The relationship between age and status is an anthropologically interesting subject. Which of the following statements concerning age and status is correct?

. In order for diffusionism to work as envisioned by the British and German schools, adherents had to assume or maintain all of the following ideas except:

a. some peoples were not sufficiently innovative to develop their own cultural traits

b. inherent inferiority of different non-western peoples was assumed

c. cultural traits that were diffused were part of the technological dimension of the society

d. cultural traits in the same geographical region would inevitably spread from one society to another

12. One of boas’ principal criticisms of nineteenth century anthropologists was that:

a. they failed to make use of archaeological evidence for pre-literate societies

b. their theories were based on “armchair anthropology” and not their own fieldwork

c. there was too much cultural relativism in their interpretations

d. they failed to assign adequate importance to biological effects on culture

13. According to Franz Boas, in order to conduct a historical particularist study of a society, one must adopt the notion of ___________, or the belief that each society should be understood in terms of its own cultural practices and values.

a. particular evolution

b. cultural relativism

c. lagged diffusionism

d. functionalism

14. During your lifetime you will probably be a member of two families, the family of orientation (the family into which you were born and enculturated) and the family of __________ (the family in which you will have or adopt children).

a. acculturation

b. deculturation

c. procreation

d. life

15. Which of the following is not a function of the family?

a. nurture and enculturation of children

b. regulation of sexual activity

c. protection and support for members

d. regulation of statuses, roles, and gender

16. A typical ____________ family consists of two parents and their immediate biological offspring or adopted children.

a. basic

b. atomic

c. extended

d. nuclear

17. Marriage within the same social group or category is __________, while __________ is marriage between people from different social categories or groups.

a. incest; outcest

b. endogamy; exogamy

c. in-marriage; out-marriage

d. monogamy; polygamy

18. From a female perspective, you will be a daughter and possibly a mother and wife. As such, you assume what are called __________ roles that correspond to these different status positions.

a. family

b. social

c. gender

d. temporary

19. The relationship between age and status is an anthropologically interesting subject. Which of the following statements concerning age and status is correct?

a. Since age is biologically determined, the statuses attached to each age category are the same in every culture around the world.

b. The elderly occupy a high level of status in all societies.

c. Anthropologists doing cross-cultural research have found that age does not influence status; statuses are either ascribed at birth or earned during one’s lifetime, and they do not change even if one ages.

d. Anthropologists have found that age stratification varies in accordance with the level of technological development; the elderly have relatively high status in many preindustrial societies, but experience a loss of status in most industrial societies.

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