Binge-Eating Disorder, Gambling Disorder, or Fetishistic Disorder

Case Study #3: Binge-Eating Disorder, Gambling Disorder, or Fetishistic Disorder

For this second case study, you will choose one of the following case studies: Binge-Eating Disorder, Gambling Disorder, or Fetishistic Disorder.
You will choose ONE of these case studies to evaluate and answer the questions below related to your case study.

As part of this assignment, for maximum points you will need to explain your ideas using terms from your text and provide support for your writing with at least one peer reviewed scholarly journal article. You will need to properly cite and reference any scholarly sources you use in APA format. 
If you choose “Case Study: Gambling Disorder”, you will respond to the following questions for your Case Study #3 assignment:

Mindy started gambling at a young age. What is the difference between the social acceptability of a child making wagers versus a child drinking alcohol or using drugs? How might this affect how gambling addictions start?
Identify the features of this case that align with the DSM-5 criteria of gambling disorder.
Often, those suffering from addiction have physical manifestations of their disorder. What are the ramifications of the absence of physical signs in gambling disorder?
The features of gambling disorder align closely with those of substance use disorders. What are they?

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