Investment Strategy and Portfolio Management

Objectives: This assignment seeks to assess your understanding and application of the knowledge and principles learned in this module.

REQUIRED: Your investment team have been required to prepare a comprehensive investment portfolio proposal report to your client with an investment fund of $500,000. Prepare a report with consideration of the current issues in the investment environment, investor’s objectives and constraints, and present alternatives for plausible strategic and tactical asset allocations. Your investment portfolio report should contain: • Investment Profile of the client (e.g. Investment objective, investment constraints, risk tolerance, investment time horizon etc.) • Proposed asset allocation and portfolio weight (e.g. equities, fixed income securities, funds and/or other investment alternatives ) • Performance evaluation of the investment products Your report should also consider to what extent the investment fund should use ‘active’ versus ‘passive’ investment approaches in the different asset classes, with recommendations for the investment management styles. MBFD51914A, MBFD51915A_ ASB4125 Investment Strategy and Portfolio Management, Group Assignment: 13 August 2019 Page 2 of 2 You are free to make any necessary assumptions in your analysis. Please state any such assumptions clearly in your report. The report should be supported by relevant data, table or graphs collected from various sources (prospectus, annual report, news, websites, yahoo finance etc) to support the analysis. The report must include some theoretical content as well as practical considerations. Support your arguments with examples when appropriate. You must demonstrate reading and research far beyond the material discussed in the lectures. Your report will benefit from the inclusion of insights from academic and practitioner research. A minimum of 13 references from academic journals/ practitioner research is expected. You should ensure careful citation of all paper and electronic sources of information, and include a list of references. Format: A4, 12 font size – 1.5 spacing The word count must be presented on the cover page of your work. Before submitting your assignment, please ensure that it is properly referenced, to guard against accusations of unfair practice. Guidance on referencing can be found by clicking on the link below and choosing “Harvard Referencing Guide” One of your group (but only one please) must submit

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