Maslow’s hierarchy (physiological, safety, social, esteem, cognitive, aesthetic and self-actualization)

9. Student Evaluation: Individual Assignment – Consumer Behaviour
This individual assignment requires you to conduct consumer research investigations in the
field. In essence, you are invited to apply the concepts discussed in the classroom in practice.
The assignment includes three different topics:
1) The hierarchical models in marketing attempt to capture how consumers respond to
marketing stimuli. Referring to your personal experience, discuss how exposure to a
specific marketing stimulus (e.g. advertisement) has contributed to a behavioural
outcome (e.g. action and post-purchase behaviour). Discuss your own example using
the sequential model of marketing outline in your textbook (Evans et al., 2009).

2) The second question is designed to show your understanding of the various aspects of
needs fulfilment. Find and attach two advertisements that appeal to each level of
Maslow’s hierarchy (physiological, safety, social, esteem, cognitive, aesthetic and
self-actualization). For each ad:
a) Describe why the ad appeals to that particular level of the hierarchy
b) Speculate why the firm decided to appeal to that level
(Document the source of each advertisement. Include in your written analysis the
name of each publication, page number, and its publication date.)
3) Professional retail analysts often hire consulting firms to conduct studies that
investigate how consumers act and move in store settings. Visit a supermarket and
pick out 2 products. Identify how each product appeals to the five senses. To what
extent do any of them appear to be strategically designed to appeal to the five senses?
Relate your discussion to material covered in chapter 2. Find relevant literature
discussing the effects of product size or colour, music, noise level, taste, smell, or
touch on consumer behaviour. Relate these articles to your findings.
Your assignment should be presented in an essay form. The length of the assignment should
be approximately 3,500 excluding references. Please use 12 Times New Roman font
throughout the text. Please use relevant academic literature to justify, enhance and strengthen
your arguments in all three questions.

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