Sears Corporation

This paper is a in-depth analysis about Sears. Paper must include proper citations, and be in accordance with current APA standards. A minimum of five (5) peer references are required. A total 5 pages (numbered), double-spaced (12-point font: TNR). • The paper must be written in “3rd person.” • Margins: Top & Left (1.5 inches) ; Bottom & Right (1.0). • No newspaper or Internet sources will be accepted, including Wikipedia; professional trade magazines (e.g. Business Week, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, etc.) • A Reference List is required.

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Read the resources listed below and create a one (1) page single spaced response on the benefits and challenges of implementing an integrated delivery system (IDS). Resources: Healthcare Management Challenges….

In-the-News Topic: Cyber Security, Privacy or Ethics

In-the-News Topic: Cyber Security, Privacy or Ethics Note: This assignment is to help you research and understand the major issues of Cyber Security, Privacy or Ethics that CIO’s face in today’s….

Psychology: Person-Centered Coaching

ASSIGNMENT: 1. After the class reflect, refine, consider, adjust, test, and arrive at your coaching definition. Create your own Person-centered coaching definition based on the class information. Then explain in….