Discussion topics for Life and Death in the Third Reich:

For this assignment, please pick on of the three assigned books for the course to be your focal point: Life and Death in the Third Reich; Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany; or When the Danube Ran Red. You will find discussion topics at the bottom of this assignment for each book. Please select ONE discussion topic for your paper from your chosen book of focus. You may use all three sources in your essay, but are not required to. No outside research is required.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length (Times New Roman Size 12 Font, 1″ Margins, Double Spaced). This paper is not a book review; however, it is an opportunity for you to address the issues raised in the assigned class texts. In this essay, you will be expected to have an introduction, thesis, and conclusion. Be sure to include your analysis throughout. You do not just want to summarize the book, but address the issues it raised and critically evaluate the information and ideas presented. This is not a personal essay, so avoid using first and second person. No outside research is expected for this assignment, but you may include reliable and academic outside sources to aid you in your evaluations. No encyclopedias. Also you can include other class resources (relevant articles have been assigned to assist you with your analysis and discussion in the Lessons portion of the classroom). You may also want to draw from our discussions in the forums; just be sure that you do not cut and paste from your forum and when using the ideas or words of a fellow student, that you cite. 

German support for the Nazis
The Volksgemeinschaft
“Aryans” and “Life Unworthy of Life”
Anti-Semitism in the Third Reich
Deportation of the Jews
World War II and the Final Solution
“Ordinary Germans” and the Holocaust
Discussion topics Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany

Development of the Concentration Camps, 1933-1945
Camp Personnel
Life in the Camps
Gender and the Concentration Camps
Comparisons between the different types of camps and/or ghettos
Work and Death in the concentration camps
Death Marches
“Displaced Persons Camps”
Discussion topics for When the Danube Ran Red:

The importance of memoirs and the Holocaust; “bearing witness”
A life in hiding
Survival strategies
The Holocaust in Hungary
Children as targeted victims of genocide
Rescue/Righteous Gentile

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