The need to store is as human as the need to throw away’ – Why is forgetting so important to the human condition?

Please answer the following question in 2-3 paragraphs: 

‘The need to store is as human as the need to throw away’ – Why is forgetting so important to the human condition?  What do dysfunction (i.e., amnesia) or abnormality (e.g., super memory) say about the importance of this ability?

Current thinking on forgetting

Forgetting of established long-term memory (see Glossary) may indicate that memory is either physically unavailable (that is, memory is lost) or that it is (temporarily) inaccessible. With some exceptions, theories proposed within the domains of experimental and cognitive psychology often emphasize one type of forgetting over the other [1]. Two explanations for actual, non-pathological memory loss have been proposed, one involving decay of aspects of the memory trace, the other involving interference with it. Current consensus favors the latter ofthese two explanations for actual memory loss (see Supplementary Material for an abbreviated history of decay theory). It is supposed that interference processes are responsible for much of everyday forgetting and the decay hypothesis has been generally rejected as an explanation for forgetting of longtermmemories [1,2]. Interferencemanifests intwo principal ways. First, shortly after initial learning, task-related or task-unrelated mental activity can impair memory, probably by disrupting cellular consolidation processes [3,4]. Second, the expression of established, fully consolidated longterm memory can suffer from interference at the retrieval stage [5]. For example, during retrieval, competing memories may interfere with the recall process. Although it was thoughtthatthis type of reproductive or outputinterference mainly determined whether or not a memory was retrieved [6], recent research on post-retrieval memory plasticity suggests that it could also affect the content of memory [7].

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