identify similarities and differences between IEPs

identify similarities and differences between IEPs.

to identify similarities and differences between IEPs, IFSPs, and 504 Plans and the laws governing each.  Creating a Venn Diagram is a way to visually represent these similarities and differences.  Think of each plan (IEP, IFSP, 504) as a circle.  These circles will overlap when there are similarities between plans.  Differences, or things that are unique to only one plan, would be listed in the non-overlapping portion of the circle.   


See the example below and the attached rubric for detailed information on how this assignment will be evaluated. 


You may use a word processing document or Powerpoint to format your Venn Diagram.  See the example below. 


References must be included and must be in APA format (see example below). Cite your textbook and all other sources used (websites, books, etc.).

Turnbull, R., Turnbull, A., & Wehmeyer, M. L. (2010). Exceptional lives: Special education in today’s schools (6th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Merrill-Prentice Hall.

Venn Diagram Evaluation Form

Requirements:Points possiblePoints earned
Contrasts(How are they different?)IEP  (At least 5 details)5 
IFSP (At least 5 details)5 
504    (At least 5 details)5 
Comparisons(How are they similar?)IEP & IFSP (2 details)2 
IEP & 504 (2 details)2 
IFSP & 504 (2 details)2 
IEP & IFSP & 504 (1 detail)1 
Well written/clearCorrect APA Citations3 
 Total Points   25  

identify similarities and differences between IEPs

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