Case Study on Humanitarian Affairs

Paper #2

Humanitarian Affairs

Case Study on Humanitarian Affairs

DUE 10/13/2019

The paper is intended to help you develop an understanding of how the international community addresses issues of international concern such as HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS

Please pick an area where Humanitarian efforts are under way.   Examples include:




Central African Republic


Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)









Occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)


South Sudan




I have included on Blackboard and here a link for the UNOCHA interactive site which will provide you the Humanitarian Response Plans for every country listed above.

Please discuss a brief history of the issue that led to the crisis. In your case study, please include humanitarian efforts, plan goals, objectives, and if you believe it is so far successful and what in your opinion has declared this successful. If the plan is unsuccessful in your opinion, tell me what you believe the best course of action going forward would be. Please include the operational budget amounts for fiscal year 2018.

The papers should be a minimum of 1,500 words excluding bibliography.  They should be clearly titled and contain an introduction and conclusion.  Sources should be varied and broad enough to provide a comprehensive and balanced picture.  At least 5 substantial sources should be used.

Students are encouraged to consult with me at any time during the preparation of their papers.

APA guidelines should be followed for in text citations and for references at the end of the paper.  A link to the guidelines will be posted on blackboard.  A marking scheme will be provided.

One point will be deducted for missing the deadline.  Further penalties may be incurred for additional delays. However students should contact me, preferably before the due date if they need an extension.

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