Business Capstone Essay

Business Capstone Essay.

Their majority products are Aluminum, Copper, Diamond &Mineral, Energy, Iron Ore to sell for bored range of industries. Rio Tinto Japan is a liaison office contact with headquarters and they are buy-sell operation in Japan, they sell majority product in Japan for many industries, customers are based in Japan. (Rio Tinto, 2013) 2. 0 Issues In 2011, Japan had a strong earthquake direct damage to the Tokyo city where Rio Tinto Japan are located.

Company had face to an unexpected emergency issues. It had a serious impact to business and employees.

The major issues for company would be reformer the business environments, as we know the earthquake were too strong, the business office had actually damage and not running properly. No power system and office are such a mess. It will direct affect for few major issues, such as contact headquarter and follow up with clients.

The other issue might occur will be follow up with customer and report to headquarter, but if work environment not in a stale and stable situation, it might face issue of customer complain and lost.

For the ethical issues, staff will be the major consider, such as how they get home, is it safe to travel all the way home, will Tokyo lack of food or water, safety and healthy will be the main issues for staff. And also how they get to work. 3. 0 Causes The earthquake had damage the whole Tokyo city, to causing those entire problems for people and business.

Lack of food, water, gas, power and the train cannot run properly, it had force Rio Tinto to a seriously situation, as the work environment not working efficiency, staff cannot contact clients and their headquarter, it might lost clients and the confident from the clients as well. Company should finish up and follow up clients contract, to make sure to satisfy clients to be the first priority. However, for the staff issues, company should appease staff emotion, as this is natural disaster, staff might had hard feeling of facing the situation, such as death, and missing their family.

For Rio Tinto Japan, staff will had the major role of contact with customer, if they are not in a stable emotion, it might impact to the business as well. Rio Tinto Japan customer base in Japan, as the earthquake are too strong, so Rio Tinto had to reorganize the product and need to be deliver on time, to make sure customer are still satisfy with the our company. 4. 0 Reference Rio Tinto. 2013. About us. Accessed April 25, http://www. riotinto. com/index_aboutus. asp

Business Capstone Essay

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