Case Study Questions Essay

Case Study Questions Essay.

1. What are the inputs, process, and outputs of UPS’s package tracking system?

2. What technologies are used by UPS? How are these technologies related to UPS’s business strategy?

3. What strategic business objectives do UPS’s information systems address?

4. What would happen if UPS’s information systems were not available?


1. A. Inputs

* Package Information

* Customer Information

* Destination

* Current Location of the parcels

B. Process

* The data are transmitted to a central computer and stored for retrieval. Data are also organized so that they can be tracked by customer.

C. Output

* Smart Labels

* Signatures of Receiver

* Proof of delivery

* Receipts
2. Technologies used by UPS

* DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device)

* Barcode scanning systems

* Smart Labels

* Wired and Wireless Communication Network (GPRS, CDMA)

* Desktop and Central Storage

“Best Services and Lowest Rates”

Because of the advance integration of UPS’s technology. It can provide services cheaper and more efficiently. That technology solves problems like logistics and supply chain management, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, mail services.

3. Strategic Business Objectives of UPS’s information systems address

* Operational Excellence

UPS manage to cut down costs and save M 28 Miles by their truck using advanced technology.

* New Products, Services and Business Models

The information systems of UPS created new way on how to offer delivery service. It has transformed the way the company gathers information, creating routes etc.

* Competitive Advantage

UPS had already its operational excellence and New Products, Services and Business Models which means the UPS already gain a competitive advantage. Having this kind of technologies that they use like DIAD made them do things better than their competitors.

4. If UPS’s Information Systems were not available:

* Operational costs could be higher.

* Millions of gallons of fuel could be burnt.

* Millions of miles could be driven.

* UPS’s would not be able to track their parcels and deliver them efficiently if these systems were not available.

MIS in Action

Case Study Questions Essay

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