Cda Competency Goal Essay

Cda Competency Goal Essay.

To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment. Safe- My goal is to provide a clean healthy environment that meets each Childs physical need. Making sure the class room and playground are clean and safe at all times make sure all my outlets have outlet covers so the children cant access them also make sure inside as well as outside there are no objects that the children can choke on or can ham them self such as sharp objects or small objects.

Infants To make sure my classroom is clean and sanitary by cleaning and making sure the floors are clean and free of clutter and washing all toys with a bleach water solution, especially toys children put in their mouth . Also by making sure they don’t have anything in their mouth. Washing hands before and after every meal and diaper change is also very important for the health of the children. Toddlers I make sure that in my toddler class is safe as toddlers touch and explore everything they see by touching and putting in their mouth have to make sure that every night and every morning I check all their surroundings.

If any toys are damaged I remove them immediately to avoid and hazards. Healthy- My goal is to promote healthy habits. Infants Keeping infants healthy by promoting good habits such as had washing of both the care giver and the infant threw out the day, after diaper changes and after meals. Also by sanitizing the changing table after each diaper change. Cleaning and sanitizing play areas daily. Mouthed toys are immediately removed from the play area and sanitized at the end of the day.

I can help balance the infants sleeping habits, eating habits and their activities in a way that can fit the group’s needs a well as well as their needs individually. Toddlers Promoting healthy habits such as hand washing and eating habits. By washing toddlers wash their hands and having planed meals that encourage the toddler to try new foods also read books and play games that show and teach healthy habits. Learning Environment-

Cda Competency Goal Essay