A Day in the Life of Deaf Culture Essay

A Day in the Life of Deaf Culture Essay.

After watching the videos about how deaf people go along with their daily life, I realized there isn’t very much that is different than how someone who can hear lives there daily life. When watching all of the 5 people, I noticed that every single one of them used a video phone or cell phone, computers, and other gadgets. I didn’t know how much technology they actually used, and I was quite surprised, and interested in more, or other technology that is out there for the deaf community.

Detoine, who was in the second video mentioned how he goes along with his day starting with school, followed by going to work, and then hanging out with his hearing friends. Even though he can’t hear, he still does everything that someone who can hear does. This goes for all of the others except Ashley, but only because she cannot see well. Ashley has a disease that has left her deaf and partially blind.

It’s scary that the disease she has can still worsen and leave her completely blind.

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Being blind and deaf combined would be terrifying and how someone could live with it; I don’t know. Even though she cant drive, she still does everything else a parent does. She takes care of her son and she even works. They may be deaf, but all of them live their lives and want to make something of themselves just like anyone else in this world does. Every one of them shares a common thing and that is that they like to communicate with the hearing weather it’s from signing or texting (technology) or writing notes. And they encourage us hearing people to try and communicate with them.

Like they said they are just like anyone else that you’ll meet. Martha reminds me of my two younger sisters. All they do is go to school come home, do homework, play around, listen to music, write, and draw. And there is nothing wrong with that; what else can a kid do? She’s just like any kid out there. I think it is really cool that there are schools for the deaf. Not only are there deaf schools for kids like elementary through high school, there are also deaf colleges or normal collages that are mixed with deaf and hearing.

Julian, who works at a camp as a counselor, seems very nice and he talks about how he loves sports. He is the only one in his family who is deaf. The only problem he has with being deaf is that he can’t hear people knocking at the door, and his parents have to let him know if there is someone at the door. He also talks about getting food at a fast food restaurant; he has to order inside, and not the through the drive through. I heard that problem a lot throughout this video.

Julian talks about how he and the deaf community are different; they have their own culture, standard language (ASL) and history. During this video there was some that someone had said that really stuck out to me. “I am deaf, I am different. We are all different. ” Julian said that, and I really agree with him. But even though everyone is different, I believe that the deaf and hearing communities are very much alike. Watching these videos made me appreciate this class more because there’s so much that I can learn from ASL, and the Deaf Community.

A Day in the Life of Deaf Culture Essay