Accountability, Responsibility and Respect Essay

Accountability, Responsibility and Respect Essay.

Running Head: Accountability, Respresponsibility, and Respect 3 Essay on Accountability, Responsibility, and Respect
Among military members and civilians alike, there are personal qualities that determine how you act professionally and also how you act in your personal life. These qualities also determine how other people view you and judge your abilities in both aspects previously stated.

In the military, certain qualities are especially prudent because of the nature of the work we complete, and the monetary value of the equipment that we work with.

According to Eagle1 Fox2 (2008) Our organization is 1,394,311 soldiers strong, and in order to keep order and, discipline, key values are instilled into us from the day we start our careers, in basic training. Among these values, i am writing about 3 in particular; Accountability, Reponsibility and Respect.

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The Value of accountability can be applied to all facets of life. (2012) defines Accountability as “The Quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

The military uses the word Acccountability with a broader definition. Being accountable gives your command the ability to trust you with tasks and equipment. It also provides them with an accurate idea of where you are at, at all times. If all soldiers were accountable, the military would operate at a much higher performance level. Time for orders to be given, and time it takes for the orders to be carried out would drop. Allowing the military to free resources and also cut monetary spending. Leading to a more productive and cheaper military.

Accountability, Responsibility and Respect Essay

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