Climate Change Term Paper Essay

Climate Change Term Paper Essay.

Are we a burden to the society or a blessing? , We are the ones who will choose our own way, but we must see to it that the path that we are heading will not lead us to destruction. Many youth of today are engaging in worthless things like vices: smoking, drinking, alcohols, using drugs and etc. we are not aware that those things are just a waste of time, money and most of all it will ruin our future.

We became a burden to our family and to our surrounding instead of being a blessing to them, as a child to their parents our responsibility is to make them happy as our payment for their sacrifice and efforts to raise us, we owe out lives to them.

Make yourselves worthy to live the life that is given to you by the creator, don’t waste it, for our lives are precious.

Let us open our eyes and mind and focus on the things that have worth and not on things that have worth and not on things that will destroy our lives.

True happiness can only be found in our precious creator Jesus Christ, if you are searching for peace and love goes to him and he will give it all, and you’ll realize that this world will not give you satisfaction, it will only be found in him.

Climate Change Term Paper Essay