Compare the Love Language Used in ‘Quickdraw’ Essay

Compare the Love Language Used in ‘Quickdraw’ Essay.

Quickdraw is a poem about the end and break down of a relationship. Specifically an argument between the speaker and their other half and the feelings felt by the speaker in the poem. It has many similarities and differences with In Paris with You a poem about a very negative relationship with the speaker who is desperately in love with someone who is just using them. The poem uses a play on words and anytime the words Paris and love are mentioned you have to switch them, so Paris means love and love means Paris.

These poems have similarities and difference and these can be explored through language techniques and key themes. Both Quickdraw and In Paris with You explore negative sides to a relationship. In Quickdraw the negative side is the pain of the break up at the ending of the relationship “hear me groan You’ve wounded me” this shows the pain the speaker is going through during the breakdown and end of their relationship.

In In Paris with you they explore a different side of a negative relationship, the love the speaker feels for someone and the way they are being used by that person “Yes I’m angry at the way I’ve been bamboozled… I’m in Paris with you” this shows that although the speaker is angry at being used, she is still in love with them (I’m in Paris… = I’m in love… ). In In Paris with You the speaker expresses their love for the other person “I’m in Paris with You” (meaning “I’m in love with You) is repeated throughout the poem.

But they also have differences such as, some other aspects of their structure, some of the themes of the poems. In Paris with You and Quickdraw both explore negative relationships, a relationship between a person absolutely besotted over someone who is using them and doesn’t feel anything back for them or the argumentative end to a relationship where both of them are hurling insults at the other and breaking u their relationship.

Compare the Love Language Used in ‘Quickdraw’ Essay