Comparison of Shelley’s Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein Essay

Comparison of Shelley’s Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein Essay.

Comparisons of Two Movies From Young Frankenstein, the movie: “Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius. ” No, I am not really writing from “the realm of genius”. First, I will write the fun part which is a comparison of Mel Brook’s Movie, Young Frankenstein, and Marry Shelly’s book, Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. There was much more to remember about Young Frankenstein than Madeline Kahn hitting the high note after her fun with the monster.

Mel Brooks’ writes:“[after sex with The Monster]‘Elizabeth: Oh.

Where you going?… Oh, you men are all alike. Seven or eight quick ones and then you’re out with the boys to boast and brag. . Oh… I think I love him. ’” His writing is fresh and hilarious. Gene Wilder as the young Frankenstein is lovable if you love stupid. It is a funny movie with a happy ending while Marry Shelly’s book is a horror story with a horrible ending.

It is the first movie I remember watching while hiding behind my grandfather’s chair. It scared me to death. That was the safest spot in the house. Sarah Martin points out in her article in St.

James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture that what they have in common is the theme of loneliness. In Marry Shelly’s book, loneliness consumes not only the monster, but Victor, Walton, Elizabeth, and Victor’s family also. The monster cannot have friends because of his appearance while Victor is so obsessed with his work that he pushes people away and becomes lonely. Martin says that loneliness is a theme of the movie, Young Frankenstein, also. The monster goes about in the human world trying to find friends. In the movie, the monster is befriended by his creator and they are both happy. However, in the book, Victor is killed by the monster.

Neither of them ever finds happiness or companionship. The movie was much more enjoyable. Searching my memory banks, I find that Jurassic Park by Michael Chricton is still there because I saw it fifteen times with my boys when they were little. This was when I first heard of Steven Spielberg, the director. Jurassic Park is the name of the theme park placed on a tropical island where a millionaire plans to bring fossilized dinosaurs back to life. The terrifyingly realistic dinosaurs, most of which were meat eaters, considered the humans to be groceries and were not discriminating about whom they had for dinner, literally.

The dinosaurs had to be destroyed to keep them from eating everyone, as the monster in Frankenstein had to be killed because of his destructiveness. Both Mary Shelly’s book about Frankenstein’s monster and Jurassic Park challenge us to think about the ethics of the quest to create life out of dead matter. Martin points out that they cause us to consider “What happens when we try to tamper with nature? ” This is very relevant today because of the advances in science, such as stem cell research and organ transplant, that force us to make hard choices. The lines get blurred, especially if you are the one needing a new organ.

Comparison of Shelley’s Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein Essay

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