Crimes and Misdemeanors Essay

Crimes and Misdemeanors Essay.

“Crimes and Misdemeanors” Woody Allen’s, “Crimes and Misdemeanors”, film paints a realistic picture of the real world in which we all live. His film brilliantly portrays the lives of how a large amount of people across this globe live their own life and does not attempt to “sugarcoat” any event that occurs in the movie; he merely tells it how it is and provides information for what people should expect in todays world. Allen takes on the issue of the human races’ true beliefs of morality and what actually happens in he real world, in contrast to what typically takes place in movies.

Allen transpires different events throughout his movie that create a lingering question for his audience on the thoughts of morality in a “godless” community. Adultery, lies, and murder were only a small sum of the crimes that were committed in Allen’s movie. However, the question becomes how the characters reacted to their own acts of immorality.

The most in depth storyline in this movie was that of Judah Rosenthal, who comes to the conclusion that in a world devoid of godly resence, all acts are permissible, even adultery and murder.

Once a person erases their belief on certain morals and values, it is much easier for them to erase crimes or immoral acts they have committed from their mind as being immoral. Judah does an extraordinary Job at showing this in the movie when he finds out that someone else was arrested for the murder of Dolores; he automatically knew he was off the hook and made himself believe he did no wrong. By doing this he was capable of going on and living his life. Another main character in Allen’s movie, was one layed by him himself.

Throughout the movie Cliff embarked on new ideas and experiences because they were his passion and what he believed, however at the end of the movie we watch as Cliff loses everything he believed in from his love, his career, and his family. Many may question why Cliff would lose everything if he had so many good strong beliefs and how Judah can move on with his life even after being involved in a murder. However, the answer according to this movie is simple. We as the human race, define ourselves by our choices, with the absence of god.

In he issue concerning Cliff losing everything he believed in, it wasn’t necessarily a punishment, but in all actuality shows how it can be relevant to real life. Not all times, does a person with good morals get what they want. In addition, Judah was going to move on with his life no matter if he had a religious background or not. Judah saw the world as, once God is gone all things are permissible, which shows his true morals and values as a person. His character depicts the life of one who has done wrong and escaped punishment in their life at some point, which again can be pplied to the real world on a daily basis.

Regarding the different situations that occur all across this movie, it is shown that there can be a sense of morality in our world without the belief of a certain religion. This movie portrays many types of religious beliefs within the characters and then goes on to show that even people who do not necessarily believe in God, still have morals they might Just value certain areas more than others. God is essentially a the absence of god, anything anyone wants to make permissible to their own self can be made permissible.

Crimes and Misdemeanors Essay

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