Department store Essay

Department store Essay.

What are the main organizational causes of the frustration that Ayshia Coles feels? There are some main organizational causes of frustration that Ayshia Coles feels. Firstly, she feels that her responsibilities and line of authority are not clearly defined in the relationship between IT and the bank’s other departments. Secondly, there are many vagueness of requests send to IT. Moreover, FMB&T has a problem about communication between units leading to complex problem.

Finally, IT staff limited to application so they feels underused.

2. If you were Marshall Pinkard, how would you address both Ayishia’s request for clarification about her authority and responsibilities and the underlying problems be addressed with minor adjustment or would you need to consider a drastic overhaul of the bank organizational structure? What environmental and technological factors would influence your decision?

If I were Marshall Pinkard, I would have some temporary solutions. Initially, he should set up a meeting with the company executives and managers for all departments in vertical- redefined the lines of authorities for all managers.

He has to lay out the responsibilities for all the managers including Ayishia. Next, he should announce the other department about problems faced by IT and encourage communication among departments. Besides that, he can develop a innovation process for submitting requests to IT department.

Concurrently, he should motivate IT staffs for creative inputs of IT to improve the company. The most important thing is that the FMB&T should restructure their organization. Although it will take a long time to achieve it, it makes company’s perform better than now. 3. Sketch a general chart for the type of organization that you think would work best for IT at FMB&T?

Department store Essay

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