Factors affecting intellectual development Essay

Factors affecting intellectual development Essay.

-Whichever has a bigger influence remains a debate until now because some studies proved that heredity has a bigger influence on intelligence while some studies showed the opposite. The important point is that the interplay of both heredity and environment is essential for maximum development of the intellectual abilities of the individual. Other factors affecting Intelligence:

1. Culture
Different cultures foster different patterns of ability. For instance, students from Sri Lanka showed higher score in verbal ability than the Americans.

-This can be explained by the fact that in Sri Lanka, the philosophers and the poets were admired rather than the scientists or engineers.

2. Sex

It is not true that males are more intelligent than females. However, studies show that boys excel girls in spatial ability, in problem solving, and numerical ability whereas girls excel boys in memory, reasoning, and fluency.

-The difference is not due to solve problems since they will be the heads of the families. Girls have been trained to do light work since they will be the homemakers, anyway.

3. Health

Studies have shown that high IQ goes with healthy condition of the body.

-In school; healthy children have better chances of learning, they can concentrate better in their studies and they are often active and enthusiastic about classroom activities. 4. Race

No one race is endowed with better intelligence than others. -Differences in achievement of races are due to better opportunities and facilities found in developed countries. 5. Socio-economic status

Studies have shown that children from higher socio-economic scored higher in intelligence tests.

-Again, greater opportunities and money account for this. The rich can send their children to better schools and can provide stimulating environment to their children. However, there are geniuses and idiots among them as there are among the poor.

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Factors affecting intellectual development Essay