Fruit and Calcium Phosphate Ca Essay

Fruit and Calcium Phosphate Ca Essay.

Washed, crushed livesnail or kuhol (eggs can also be used)place in a plastic container. Pestle orcrush materials Don’t use hands. Add thesame amount of molasses or Muscovadosugar. Mix sugar in ? container with fishingredients then remaining molasses. Prepare at night to prevent flies frombreeding.

Apply directly to thesoil or to the ground, not to the leaves. Keep concoction from direct sunlight. Store in dry coolplace. Cover and keep in a cool place or shadedarea. Drain to extract liquid after 10 to 15days.

Transfer liquid into a clean plasticbottles Wait till tiny bubbles disappearbefore sealing the cover before storing. Always leave about ? of bottle empty soIMO can breath. Calcium Phosphate Ca? P(animal bone) Induced flowering, prevent overgrowth.

For older plants, it Increase calcium factor on roots and leaves. Calcium Phosphate (Ca? P) is the product which according to the plants’ lifecycle and can be fast? effective. Ca? P is applied when the plants are about to flower. Feed to animals during pregnancy or breeding timeat 200 times dilution.

Spray when first flowers comes out. ex: tomato plant , cucumber, eggplant etc. Boil or broil 2 kilos ofanimal bones to separatemeat and fat untilremaining meat to thebone is charcoal blackscrape charred meat andlet it cool.

Do not burnthe bone. Ratio 1:10 1 Place bone in a plasticcontainer and pour 5gallons of purecoconut or sugarcanevinegar. Cover for 30days. Filter and used. Keep air tightcontainer. 2 Calcium (eggshell and shells) Strengthen Flowers. Contributes to better utilization of carbohydrates and protein. It is also a major element in forming a cell membrane and enables smooth cell division make fruit hard and sweet. Spray CA on the leaves after the fruits has become large. They prevent overgrowth and get a sweet hard ruit.

Add seawater, calcium phosphate or OHN for better taste and aroma of the fruits. It is applied when nitrogen is big. It is the most important ingredients for flowering. Wash and crushedeggshell and take theinside filament or film. Pan fry 2 kilos eggshelluntil brown, set aside andcool. Vinegar first thenpour slowly the eggshells. 1 Wait till the tiny bubbles disappear and stop. Use exact container. Cover and ferment for 20 days. Filter and use keep in airtight container..

Fruit and Calcium Phosphate Ca Essay

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