Harmful Things Essay

Harmful Things Essay.

Mobile Don’t put your mobile closer to your ears until the recipient answers, Because directly after dialing, the mobile phone would use it’s maximum signaling power, which is: 2watts = 33dbi. Please Be Careful. Please use left ear while using cell (mobile), because if you use the right one it may affect brain directly. This is a true fact from pollo medical team. 2) APPY FIZZ Do not drink APPY FIZZ . It contains cancer causing agent. 3) Mentos Don’t eat Mentos before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi coz the person will die immediately as the mixture becomes cyanide.

Please fwd to whom u care 4) Kurkure Don’t eat kurkure because it contains high amount of plastic if U don’t Believe burn kurkure n u can see plastic melting. Please forward to all!!!!!!!!! !! News report from Times of India 5) Avoid these tablets as they are very dangerous * D cold * Vicks action- 500 * Actified * Coldarin * Co some * Nice * Nimulid * Cetrizet-D They contain Phenyl- Propanol -Amide PPA.

Which Causes strokes, and these tablets are banned in U. S. 6) Cotton Ear Buds Cotton Ear Buds… (Must read it) Please do not show sympathy to people selling buds on roadside or at Signals…..

Just wanted to warn you people not to buy those Packs of ear buds you get at the roadside. It’s made From cotton that has already been used in hospitals. They take all the dirty, blood and pus filled cotton, wash it, Bleach it and use it to make ear buds. So, unless you want to become the first person in the world to get Herpes Zoster Oticus (a viral infection of the inner, middle, and external ear) of the ear and that too from a cotton bud, DON’T BUY THEM! Please forward to all this may be helpful for Someone….. ……. Please forward to all your near and dear Ones….!

Harmful Things Essay

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