Lack of interest in sports Essay

Lack of interest in sports Essay.

Annotation The world in which we live today sport plays a major part of a child development process from a tender age, so for someone not to be interested in any sporting activities there must be a serious problem. A sample report was done by Mokhazani bin Fadir that explores why there is a lack of Interest in sports among students. A survey instrument was used to collect data from a total of five hundred students and only fifty would choose sports as their preferred leisure time activity.

The survey shows that this is only 10% of the student’s population.

The purpose of this research is to highlight the reason why student lack interest in sports, it also seeks to find different means and method how to get the student interested in sporting activities in school. The theoretical frame on which the study was based was that student assumes that playing sports involved getting hot, dirty, sweaty and occasionally sunburned. On the other hand parents also placed greater emphasis on academic performance rather than having their child spending their time doing any form of sports.

This theory goes to show that not only the student lack interest in sports but the parents as well. The results show that there was a wide spread lack of interest for sports by student, not only did the student lack interest in sports their parents also placed a greater emphasis on their academics rather than extra-curricular activities. On the other hand the research also shows that the students complain that they did not have enough time to balance their leisure time much more to have time for sports. The findings of Mokhazani bin Fadir sample report shows that.

Lack of interest in sports Essay

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