Pathology report Essay

Pathology report Essay.

On sectioning through the tissue it is compraise primarly of soft yellow adipose tissue with scant intervining fiborus tissue. Well distinct mass is seen. The area and question is entirly submitted into cassates A1 through A8. MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: 8 plus slides label A1 through A8 are examined. Sections displayed occasional cystics spaces lined by a single layer of flattened two cuboidal shape mucinous cells showing no significant cytologic atypia. Rare foci of mild ductal epithelial hyperplasia are also present. A few microcalcifications deposits are seen association with the B-9 memory glands.

No atypical hyperplasia carcinoma in situ or invasive melignancy is identified. FINAL PATHOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS: Right breast biopsy with needle localization No evidence of melignancy. B-9 mucinous cycts. Focal ductal epithelial hyperplasia. No atypia. Microcalcifications. Pathology Report Patient Name: Ursula Emma Wagner Patient ID: 004654 Page 2 The CPT code is 88305. Comment: This case went interdeart mental consantation and accurcanse interpretation was achieved.

Pathology report Essay

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