Poverty Essay

Poverty Essay.

Introduction Poverty is when someone is not able to afford to buy things most people consider essential or to participate in activities which, similarly are thought to be a minimum requirement of everyday life (Reporting poverty in UK p15). Absolute poverty is a term used in various different ways to denote a poverty level that does not change over time in terms of living standards that it refers to it stays the same even if society is becoming more prosperous.

Absolute poverty line and people below this line lack food, shelter, warmth or clothing (Reporting poverty in the UK p73).

Most people in the UK live in relevant poverty Peter Townsend a leading authority on UK poverty defines it as when someone’s “resources are so seriously below those commanded by the average individual or family that they are in effect excluded from ordinary living patterns, customs and activities” (Reporting poverty in the UK p 15).

There are two main ways to measure social inequality these are inequality of conditions, and inequality of opportunities.

Inequality of conditions refers to the unequal distribution of income, wealth and material goods housing for example is an inequality of conditions with the homeless and those living in housing projects sitting at the bottom of the hierarchy while those living in multimillion dollar mansions sitting at the top.

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Poverty Essay

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