Story of All America’s Cultures Essay

Story of All America’s Cultures Essay.

In “Let’s Tell the Story of All American Cultures” (517), Yuh underlines the importance and necessity of community improvement. The key argument is that our children should be provided with skills to improve America, American society and assist in country’s further development. The author talks that she was brought up with the idea that America is white, but later she realized that America was diverge country representing all kinds of ethnicities and people. She continues that in school she felt not being American because she wasn’t white.

The key problem was that the book for lessons discusses only accomplishments and achievements of white people (518) and nothing was said about other ethnicities. Thus, the girl was called ‘slant-eyed chink’ (518) and other students pushed her to return back from where she had come. During the course of Yuh’s writing, she discovers that the books were wrong and she is American as any other child. She discovered that many historical heroes came from other backgrounds and, thus, America was not the country for culture and one ethnicity.

The history of America is the history how different cultures have come together.

The girl revealed even recommendations for introducing multicultural education. Yuh sums up, American migrants were not solely of white skin, and Asians were migrants as well. Moreover, African-Americans were not simply passive slaves; instead, they actively fought against discrimination and slavery. Yuh arrives at her definitive conclusion with, “It is high time we let all our children gaze upon it” (519).

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Story of All America’s Cultures Essay

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