The Virgin by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera Review Essay

The Virgin by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera Review Essay.

The story that was written by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera, “The Virgin” is a story about a woman named Miss Mijares that was about 34 years old. She was slimy and almost bony. She also knows how to dress herself to hide the small chest she has by putting puff and ruffles on her chest part. She was not an ugly person but not also beautiful. She was a woman that has full of priorities that she later realized that she was old enough to find a man that she can marry.

Miss Mijares, a dictator woman also a choosy manager of the company that speaks English during the interviews of the construction workers that was not really appropriate to do.

One day, she met a man applying on the job she was handing. Unlike the other applicants, she felt an unusual and strange feeling and she noticed that he’s teeth has a missing tooth. The man, unlike the other workers, has a big impact on Miss Mijares.

She cared a lot on that man and even cared if he’s around or not. Miss Mijares looked at the man sharply feeling the malice in his voice knowing that the man has no wife… yet. She was ashamed knowing that as if that man knew the ruffles on her blouse was one of the ways to put impact and volume on her chests.

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One day, this man was absent and Miss Mijares lost her way home which was a question why since it is been ages that she sauntering in that place. She found the man on the street and asked the reason for being absent in a week. She discovered that this man lost his son but he was never been married to its mother.

It was a rainy evening but the driver unloads his passengers. They protested but the driver has no choice. Miss Mijares and the man stepped down to the sidewalk and his touch had fallen on her flesh. Short Analysis

The characters involved in the story were Miss Mijares that described as a woman at her thirties that was never been in loved and is also a virgin. The other character was a man with good body structure and also one of her workers. Miss Mijares was described as a tall woman with bony and slimy structure and in the story it was emphasized her being a flat chested woman.

Moreover, this woman a character of having a bold personality was one of the reasons of being still single. Until this man, one day had this fascinating charisma that captured the heart of this arrogant lady. She noticed every single structure of this man that is atypical in her character. She noticed the missing tooth of this man and was also indicated that she spotted that this man’s teeth was slightly apart with each other. The man was a simple good looking guy there was no definite name given but it was only described that he has a good body structure and has enough knowledge to do his job. Lastly, Miss Mijares fall for this man that boggles in her mind.


In this scenario, it was stated and given that the protagonist has a bold personality that was frightened by her suitors.

The Virgin by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera Review Essay

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