Why I Want to Be an Early Childhood Teacher Essay

Why I Want to Be an Early Childhood Teacher Essay.

The topic I chose to write my essay about is being an early childhood teacher because that is what I am studying to be. I have also learned a lot of interesting facts while doing my research. Being an early childhood teacher makes it so the teacher is also a guide to the children they are teaching and is also able to teach the children new things, and keep them safe from any harm that could come their way. As a teacher, you should find some new experiences for the children so they can have fun learning new things and also learn quickly.

You will also need to be prepared to talk with large groups of people, whether it be the students’ parents, other teachers or the general public. Another very important thing about being an early childhood educator is having strong management skills so you can have lesson plans, paperwork and other important documents that are needed to be done in a timely manner, instead of waiting until last moment so you can avoid making any mistakes.

When you are a teacher, whether it be for young kids, elementary, middle and high school students, there will be many challenges that come along with it, so that’s another thing that would be good for a teacher to be prepared to face. Some of the things a person will need to become an early childhood teacher are: an associate in arts teaching degree and the number of semester hours required (depending on what college you attend) to earn your degree. Having patience, stamina and a personality to work in a room full of energetic children every day is also a great quality for a teacher to have. Some ways to become an effective early childhood teacher are: “have a sound knowledge of subject matter, take a personal interest in each student, and show enthusiasm with students.” Some personal characteristics that are also good to have as an early childhood teacher are “passion, perseverance, willingness to take risks, pragmatism, patience, flexibility, respect and creativity.”

Having all of the characteristics I listed can make you a good teacher and can also make it easier for parents to trust you with their children. Some more characteristics an early childhood teacher could have are “high energy, a desire to learn, and a good sense of humor.” This will show the children and their parents that you enjoy teaching, instead of showing a negative side of you making it seem like you dislike teaching their children. What I have learned about while writing this essay is the benefits people can have while studying for their associates degree to teach young children, all of the things needed to know when a person becomes a teacher and how stressful it can be.

Why I Want to Be an Early Childhood Teacher Essay

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