Cooking Utensils List and Their Uses Essay

Cooking Utensils List and Their Uses Essay.

Boiler: A utensil made up of two pans that fit together. Heat from the water boiling in the lower pan cooks food in the upper pan without scorching. Double boiler: Two saucepans that fit together so that the contents of the upper pan can be cooked or heated by boiling water in the bottom pan. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can improvise by placing a heatproof mixing bowl over a larger pot filled with water. Colander: A bowl with holes in the bottom and sides.

It is used for washing food or draining liquid from a solid food. Dutch oven: A heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid. Dutch ovens are often used for cooking soups or stews.

Electric mixer: An appliance, either freestanding or handheld, used for mixing and beating Food processor: An electric appliance with a blade that revolves inside a container to chop, mix, or blend food Mortar: A strong bowl used with a pestle to grind, crush, or mash spices and other foods Pestle: A club-shaped utensil used with a mortar to grind, crush, or mash spices or other foods Paella pan: A shallow, two-handled skillet used to make and serve paella, Spain’s national dish.

(Any large skillet can be used in place of this pan. ) Pastry brush: A small brush with nylon bristles used for coating food with melted butter or other liquids.

Slotted spoon: A spoon with small openings in the bowl, used to remove solid food from liquid Springform pan: A pan with a detachable rim Steamer: A covered pot with an insert something like a strainer, used for steaming vegetables Strainer: A small wire-mesh bowl with a handle. It is used to drain liquid from solid food or to remove solid bits from a liquid. Whisk: A wire utensil for beating foods by hand Wok: A pot with a rounded bottom and sloping sides, ideally suited for stir-frying. A large skillet is a fine substitute. Zester: A tool that peels off the rind of citrus fruits in thin strips.

Cooking Utensils List and Their Uses Essay

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