Pepperoni Pizza Essay

Pepperoni Pizza Essay.

My favorite food is pepperoni pizza. I believe my father’s pepperoni pizza is the best and most delicious pizza in the whole wide world. I love everything about my dad’s pizza but what I love the most is the smell, the exquisite taste and the fact that it is an affordable meal. Just by looking at the slice of pizza on my plate makes me hungry. The dazzling cheese dripping down the crust and the red spicy pepperoni dancing on the top of the melted cheese drives me crazy.

The smell is priceless; the crisp baked crust with warm melting mozzarella cheese and sweet rich ripe tomato sauce makes my nose want to inhale the whole pizza. When I take the first bite of the luscious pizza I feel a party of flavors celebrating in my mouth. I also enjoy eating peperoni pizza because it is such a practical and affordable meal. It is not expensive to buy a pizza from Pizza Hut, or to even cook one at home.

It is a really easy to put an entire meal together with a pizza.

I have three choices when it comes to getting a pizza; I can order one, I can go to Pizza Hut and eat there, or my best personal favorite option, I can ask my father to bake one. His pizzas are the picture perfect scene that literally invites you to take a bite. The flavor that never fails, and the touch of love my father adds to my plate, make his pizza my favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world.

Pepperoni Pizza Essay

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