Technical Rationality And Reflection Essay

Technical Rationality And Reflection Essay.


Technical rationality designates a sequence of events prearranged to attain predestined purpose. For example, if the preset goal is something that we denote as X, then also the technical rationality model should lead to the attainment of X.(Dobbins, 2004) Reflection in Action is essential to the ability through which people deals with different conditions of practice.(“Reflection-in-Action”, 2005) When a person reflects in action, that person turns out to be the investigator in the practice, because he would not rely on the kinds of the conventional theories but instead he would make a new theory exceptional to the certain case.

Logical positivism tells that only the genuine fact is the scientific fact.(“Logical positivism”, 2006) Interpretive epistemology is a part of Western viewpoint that examines nature and those that encompasses facts. It also speaks with the ways of the making of information, and also doubt about diverse information declarations. Interpretive epistemology chiefly tackles questions such as “What and how knowledge can be obtained, and as to what extent the people must know”.

(“Epistemology”, 2006) Interpretive epistemology also tackles about the truth of the outside humanity.

The similarity between technical rationality and reflection-in-action is that both of them deal with what event will come to happen because of the presence of a predestined event. Both of these also tackle models which will lead to the attainment of the goal using theories that will be presented.

Logical positivism and interpretive epistemology is similar because of the fact that both of them rely in scientific facts that are available. Both of them also directs to semantic behaviorism, and these observations were known to be the foundation for psychosomatic behaviorism.(“Logical Positivism, Naturalistic Epistemology, and the Foundations of Psychology”, October 6, 2004) Both also are believers that a good foundation for systematic query is eventually destabilized by its own but not well known epistemology.


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Technical Rationality And Reflection Essay

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