The Effects of Carbonated Drinks Essay

The Effects of Carbonated Drinks Essay.

First I want to say this project was a new chance to learn about what I consume. In my project I learned that carbonated drinks otherwise known as soda. I was surprised to learn about the ingredients in soda. By the way, that was one of my goals. Speaking of goals, my other goal was to learn about the effects of carbonated drinks on the body. I have changed my dietary ways because of that. Now I will present in this report my research.

In my research I learned the effects of soda on the body. That was my first goal. One main effect on the body is the dental problems. This can include dental erosion, cavities, and gingivitis.

This is caused by the many acids in sodas. Diet coke can cause cancer as well. Diet sodas are actually worse for you than regular sodas. In my research, I found my other goal. This was the common ingredients in soda. The main one is caffeine.

We all know there are caffeine free sodas but most do contain caffeine and a lot of it too! Some other common ingredients are Phosphoric acid, sugar, and Aspartame. Sugar is the main culprit of the cavities caused by soda. Another culprit of bad effects on the body is high fructose corn syrup. I mean that stuff is in everything! I also did an extended search.

I went through different statistics to most worrying ones that need to be revealed. One that really concerned me was that of 57 children that had low blood calcium levels, 38 drank 4 12-16 ounces of soda a day. This disturbed because I know the amount of sugar and acid going into these children’s bodies. This means carbonated drinks also deprive you of your calcium. I also found out that in a McDonald’s cups hold 21 ounces. This equals to 17 ? sugar packets! After that I found out that soda causes obesity. Wow big shocker! Carbonated drinks can also lead to 92 different health problems.

Once again that brings me to cancer. This project really opened my eyes. I drink soda which really scares me to know all of this. I enjoyed this though. Soda isn’t bad all the time. Enjoying a soda every once in a while isn’t dangerous. You just have to drink in moderation. If you do this you don’t have to have low calcium levels like those 38 children because of soda! Simply stay away from diet sodas though. Remember you can get cancer from diet sodas. Carbonated drinks are basically what we exhale. Too much can kill you!

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The Effects of Carbonated Drinks Essay