Crosscutting Quality Attributes Requirements


Discuss about the Crosscutting Quality Attributes Requirements.



The government has to play part in transport sector so as to help minimize the problems encountered. This is done mainly through licensing and inspection of vehicles. In licensing there is quantity licensing which deals with the amount of service offered like the number of vehicles moving into and out of Mauritius Island, and the capacity those vehicle carry. Secondly the quality licensing deals with the safety and standards of environment. The government has used quality regulations by raising their standards of providing the licences in order to reduce and prevent moving in of unnecessary or unwanted operators.

The quality operator of vehicle licensing has a crucial role of ensuring that all vehicles on the road are roadworthy. He also has to ensure that standards are maintained since any accidents caused by un-road-worthy 

Vehicles are as a result of his fault. He is therefore to blame on issues concerning licenses, and vehicle services. The importance of keeping standards include: safe and secure transport which is accidents free.

Remaining reliable to the transport system helps in the reduction of accidents, and meeting the demands of passengers. This happens also by ensuring that all the vehicles which have issues, or have broken down are not in use. It is therefore difficult to find a bus which is un-road-worthy on the road, when there are roadworthy buses.

Lack of keeping standards by the licence operator reduces the legal standards of vehicles. Drivers therefore find it difficult to make the normal trips which they used to make before. This reflects a negative result (Carr,2007, np). The results affect the economy to the negative, since the transport workers are some of the key contributors of the economy. Therefore, for a country to maintain its standards in the transport sector, the licenses operator should have quality principles which include the following:

Transport and license operators should have quality training which adds up to their quality of their curriculum vitae. The transport sector, being one of the leading sector in Mauritius which contributes much to the economy, must be given a lot of attention. This is done by training the transport operators, on how to handle issues.

Experience is said to be the best teacher. To some extent, this is true, and more so in the sector of transport. Unexperienced transport operator know the ways of handling transport issues such as roadworthy vehicles, expired licenses, ignorant drivers, and theft of vehicles. (Moreira, 2002, pg. 170) He should however keep standards by applying seriousness where possible, and joke a bit whenever necessary. However, issues of transport and vehicles, ships, and airplanes should be handled seriously, to avoid frequent occurrence of accidents which may lead to lose of precious lives.

The operators should take up responsibilities of ensuring that those who work under them are preforming their duties appropriately

(Giannoukos, 2010, pg. 3870).  Accountancy, and professional ethics. They should also get training if possible to avoid repetition of previous mistakes. Learning is better than training through experience. They will experience much in their line of duty, and those lessons will make them strong enough. When dealing with technical issues, they should be confident enough to show their strength in that field. Confidence covers the weakness of a person.


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