Change And Donate Towards Supporting Shark


Discuss About The Change And Donate Towards Supporting Shark?




The article details how alleged Donald Trump’s sharks’ hatred is an inspration for individulas to support international shark charities financially. It indicates the revelation that Trump deslikes marrine animals. The revelation came through Touch Weekly interview with Stormy Daniels, adult film actress. The article has quoted Trump to have said that he would never contribute money to shark charities and that he hoped all of them died. It is indicated that shark conervation groups have subsequently acknowedged a surge in donations, includigng one dubbed, “Because Trump”.

Charities like  Atlantic White Shark Conservancy together with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are reported to have indicated to MarketWatch that they had received overwhelming donations. The CEO of Atalantic White Shark Conservancy, Cynthia Wilgren indicated that they had been receiving donations in the name of Trump following the publication of the story.

It is further indicated that even Shark Trust, UK shark conservation group have reported remarkable increase in their funds. It is concluded that the increase in donations was due to the interview given by Ms Daniels in Touch Weekly where she alleged to have had an affair with Trump beginning 2006. It is from this affair that Ms Daniel allleged that Trump said that he had been donating to all such charities but did not know his money was being used to support sharks. Thus, after Trump had watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel  and realized that his moneyt was being used in conerving sharks, he swore never to donate again.  

Recommendation Action

The chosen recipient of this  letter is CEO of Atalantic White Shark Conservancy, Cynthia Wilgren. She is highly concerned with the content of this article becausse , this article has triggered massive donation to the organizations she manages, and this will help her achieve their goal of conserving sharks. To addres the issues addressed in the article, for example, the increase in donation, she should urge many other people and organization who may have same view as Trump to change and donate towards supporting shark. She should as well call for a public protest against Trump’s assertions as this might put the life of sharks in jeopardy.


“Donald Trump’s ‘hatred of sharks’ benefits conservation charities.” BBC News (24 January 2018): 1-3.

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