Letter To The Director Of Student Committee

Letter To The Director Of Student Committee.


Write a Letter to the Director of Student Committee appealing for readmission.



The Director of Student Administrative Unit,

The University Appeals Committee,

Central Queensland University, Australia

Date: 14th March 2018

Subject: Exclusion from the poor performance by giving chance for readmission

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that I am a student of technology department in your esteemed university. I proudly consider myself as a person from the alternative community. I could not expect my gender identity or my sexual orientation can be a reason to judge me. Therefore, being a transgender has been one of the greatest challenges for me in terms of my academic performance. When I first came for admission, I encountered rejection from all of the departments just because I’m a queer. However, I found at least one sensible professor with a human approach. He throughout helped me in my admission. I was very excited on getting admission in one of the prestigious colleges in the world. However, little did I know that this was the start of complexities. When I entered the classroom, the students start mocking me. It was just the beginning. However, I ignored it and eagerly waited for the professor to come. At last, I restored faith when the professor, who helped me in my admission, came to take the first class. Whenever, I asked questions to the professors, the classmates roared in laughter. I consider these acts not an insult to me only but to the entire queer community.  

However, I started turning a deaf ear to all the moral polices as the mocking and taunts became common issue. Being a transgender student it was a sheer shock to find that the staffs were also involved in this practice. This made me more concerned regarding approaching the administrative personnel for help. This can be mentioned that the place gets changed but the experiences remain same. Even in my residence, I every single day find difficulty to live as a transgender person. Every single day comes with a new trouble. I find myself helpless. I can feel the chaos within my body and mind since my childhood. My society, my locality and my university lead me to more turmoil. I find peace nowhere. Every now and then, the landlady comes and insults me. I fail to concentrate on my studies, which has adversely affected my academic performance because of this situations and circumstances. I am very ashamed to say that I have failed for more than three years. I am surprised at the approach of personnel of ragging committee. I have complained several times by filling up many forms. Then also, they have ignored my issue probably because they consider myself as a transgender but not as a human being. They may not ready to take my issues seriously. As the taunts and mocking hover in my mind all the time, my health has not been good for the last few days. I can highlight one incident. Once I went to a doctor for check-up. There, I met with one of my classmates. I greeted her, but she mocked me by saying “There is no need for you to consult a doctor as you are a deformed human being”. I was so shocked, that I at once left the place without consulting the doctor. This aggravated my health complexities, compelling me to perform poorly in academics.

I am very passionate towards studies; however, I am not getting the proper platform where I can enhance my preconceived skills, expertise and knowledge. My gender identity comes before anything and everything. However, I’m a normal person and a studious student. I also have dreams. I also want to do hard work to make my dreams true. All I need a little human cooperation from you. I can confidently tell you that circumstances are the main agent for my failure and not my lack of interest towards studies. If I am provided with a positive learning environment, I assure that I would expose better performance. I, therefore, request you to provide me re-admission into the course, so that I can prove my capability. I assure you that I would work hard, overcoming all the difficulties. I will be highly obliged if you look into the matter with due consideration.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely


Student ID: _____________

Letter To The Director Of Student Committee

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