Ampalaya Coffee Essay

Ampalaya Coffee Essay.

Abstract This investigatory project aims to prepare and also to make a coffee from the “ Ampalaya Seeds”. We know that Ampalaya or also known as Bitter melon is known for as its bitterness and astringent taste , the bitter melon can see everywhere. This investigatory project encourage us students to make a coffee, as an alternative product . This study was conducted to determine the feasibility of the ampalaya seeds as coffee. The researchers used powdered Ampalaya seeds in this study.

After researching and collecting the raw materials, the researchers were able to begin the experimentation.

The coffee was obtained by drying, grinding, and roasting the seeds of ampalaya, and boiled. After boiling, the coffee was manually extracted with the use of a clean cloth. The study focuses on producing coffee out of ampalaya seeds. It does not aimed to determine which coffee (ampalaya seeds vs. commercial coffee) has more nutritional value or which is more nutritious. II. Acknowledgement.

We would like to thank to the following person that are help us to start and to continuing this our Investigatory Project ,including the following to our ALMIGHTY GOD that help us and give us strength and knowledge to explain the main idea of this investigatory project .

To our parents and also our friend who give us supports to finish our Investigatory Project. For our parents that supplies our needs , including the financial needs . THANK YOU !!!!!! Chapter 1: Introduction In our modern generation , many people in our country used coffee especially our grandparents and also our parents.

Coffee is known as beverage to the majority of the people. It is known for its stimulating effect on the functions of the brain , thus making the drinker active . Variants of coffee flavors were already produced all throughout the world aiming for the discovery of alternative sources of coffee production . The coffee from ampalaya seeds help us to earn and save money . A. Background of the study Coffee alternatives have been famous since the last two decades due to economic crisis and experimentations for health and medical benefits.

Any seeds that are edible when powdered can be used as an alternative source for coffee. The difference of the generic coffee from the seeds of the coffee plant from those of the alternatives is that it has a good amount of caffeine content. The similarity you can find in the alternatives and those of the original is that seeds contain carbohydrates which cause the aroma in roasted coffee. Ampalaya, on the other hand, is a crawling vine that grows mostly on tropical countries like the Philippines. It is said to be rich in iron, potassium, beta-carotene and other nutrients.

It is also famous in treating diabetes because of its properties like polypeptide-P; a plant insulin that can lower blood sugar levels. Many researches on agricultural food chemistry convey that it provides nutritionally significant amounts of nutrients, minerals and amino acids that are needed for life. B. Objectives of the study B1. General Objectives 1. To determine if the ampalaya seeds have considerable characteristics of the products in terms of color, aroma, taste, and acidity. B2. Specific Objectives 1. To produce coffee using ampalaya seeds as the main ingredient.

2. To determine and compare the levels of acceptability of the coffee samples. C. Hypotheses NULL 1. There is no significant difference among the different ampalaya coffee samples developed in terms of their color, aroma, and taste. ALTERNATIVE 1. There is no significant difference among the different ampalaya coffee samples developed in terms of their acceptability. D. Significance of the study Momordica Charantia or ampalaya seeds contain iron and folic acid which are essential for the production of the red blood cells and the formulation of hemoglobin and myoglobin.

Coffee is usually drunk hot, black or with cream and sugar and also drunk cold as iced coffee, specially summer. People are used of drinking coffee every morning to warmth their body and at night to avoid being sleepy. But coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine. The result of this will determine if the coffee made from ampalaya seeds can be use as a substitute for the commercial coffee. This study aimed to produce coffee using ampalaya seeds as substitute. The study was important because ampalaya is abundant in the Philippines. The product may be an anti-diabetes coffee but it is not the main concern of the study.

Everybody can benefit of the result of the study unless a coffee drinker. It would recycle the ampalaya seeds instead of being thrown away which a lot of people consider it as waste. E. Scope and limitation The proposed study was limited to producing coffee out of ampalaya (Momordica charantia Linn. ) seeds. Three samples were prepared with different ampalaya seed concentration and same amount of water for comparison purposes in which one of the samples was pure commercial coffee. The samples were processed by the basic methods of making coffee: roasting, grinding, and brewing.

Ampalaya Coffee Essay