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Describe about the Diabetes & Metabolism?



The best method that is used to deal with the understanding of any of the medical aspect or that of disease may be through Evidence Based Project or EBP. The problems that have been analyzed in the prior studies have been used to understand the current situation. In the present study the most important case that has been followed includes prevention of diabetes or the major cause of the same (Andreelli et al. 2009).

Tools and reflective discussion

The most effective tool that is used these days includes the measurement of the diabetes reading through fasting glucose. There are devices that are being made by a number of organizations to use the technology for the purpose of measurement. There are a number of clinical studies and advancement research that has been carried out. These days it has been found that there is an extended range of the people who are affected with diabetes. The range includes from old people, to adults and children (Dean & Galdas, 2009). The most important aspect is that of successful implementation of the programs. In such case it is important to find a technique or a method that is crucial. The best diagnostic tool that has been made is the machine that could be used in order to measure the reading of diabetes. As per the evidence based report it has been found that one out of twelve people are affected with the disease. Apart from this one out of two affected people are not aware of the fact that they are having the disease.

EBP is a process that includes five steps:

The question is to be analyzed that helps in getting the proper answer that is related.

The next step deals with the facts and the literature that forms the base of answering the question.

The results that have been received are then analyzed in order to receive the formal evaluation of the project.

There it is process of evaluation that is integrated with the use of evidence.

The result that has been found is then re analyzed in order to know about the future prospect and the improvements that are required in future.

The paper that has been conducted on similar ground made it evident in the previous cases that the awareness of the people was very restrained and confined (Kocurek, 2009). It is important in such case that there has to be awareness programs that is to be started along with the proper measuring techniques. The methods that are used helps in gaining the required knowledge effectively.

The intervention of the same could be included in the following:

The tools for intervention may be the ones that are important or the assistants in the health care sector. The help and the understanding that they have are crucial in regard to the increasing levels of the diabetic rate (Bosi, 2009). The nurses have a clear idea of the reasons that are pivotal for the increase rate and the negligence that are related to the patients. A shared decision making process would help for the lifestyle goals and the communication style.

The next method of intervention could be the understanding of the problem with the help of technology. The use of the modern machineries could be useful in dealing with the problem and to get the reading. Based on this there are methods of intervention that could be tried. In such case it is important to deal with the same prospects of technology efficiently (Tesfaye & Selvarajah, 2009). The computer based risk analyzing tools that are used can be another method of dealing with the technology.

There has been studies that has been carried out is US with the relationship that could be established with diabetes and cancer. In such case it is necessary for any organization or the medical practitioners to know about the previous study and to bring out effective medical process (Jaffe, 2015).


It may be said in this regard that there are a number of aspects that is to analyzed in order to know about EBP. The evidence that are received from the intervention process of diabetes could be used in order to know about the current scenario. There are a number of aspects that is carried out to know about the situation in the most effective way. In such case it is crucial to note that there has to be an integrated service and technological method that may be analyzed.


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