Milk and Chocolate Essay

Milk and Chocolate Essay.

Ok, who wants milk that, has extra calories, should be banded, COCOLATE SUGAR DUUUUUU don’t you think the things that is in chocolate milk are bad. Don’t you think kids should have milk naturally from a cow, and it is white?

Milk has lots of extra calories it is not good because it has 27 grams of carbohydrate and soft drink [soft drinks is like a sport drink for example Gatorade] has 14 grams. WOW that is crazy how does soft drink have less carbohydrate then soft drink GADARATE HAS LOTS OF SUGAR AND THAT IS MUCH CHOCOLATE MILK HAS EVEN MORE.

Obesity is a problem in the world and if we keep chocolate milk we are just going to put it 1 percent higher. And obesity that is what we do not want at school. It has 60 more calories then white milk 60 calories that is lot of calories. By not even looking at the ingredients you should know.

I will be telling you why chocolate milk should be banded.

I think it should be banded because in an entire week a whole school bus is full with sugar that is how much a school has in one week and all that sugar is from the chocolate milk. I do not whant that to happen to us. That is very crazy.

.Since not that much people are picking chocolate milk it is not a good idea to keep chocolate milk. It will be saving money. If chocolate milk is served then students will go for white milk. Everybody noes that white milk is healthier because chocolate milk hello chocolate, chocolate milk is not good for you.

Milk and Chocolate Essay

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