Traumatic Experience Essay

Traumatic Experience Essay.

The most traumatic experience in my life was the loss of a close family member. Like so many others who have lost a loved one, it was difficult to deal with the pain and the heartbreak of death.

            When I was six years of age, my aunt learned that she was expecting. This was a surprise to everyone, since she had had her tubes tied years before, and was in her late thirties. However, they were filled with happiness and awaited the arrival of their baby girl.

            Giselle was an angel sent from heaven. I truly believe that her purpose on earth was to fill our hearts with joy and gladness. She was a good spirited child who could make everything ok with just one smile or embrace from her. Even after her parents separated and she experienced the anxiety of living in two households, she kept her spirits up and continued to be cheerful. It was during this time that I really came to know my little cousin, as she spent a great deal of time with me and my sister.

            Her sickness was dismissed as another childhood cold. When it never subsided, she was hospitalized and we learned that she had leukemia. This was devastating news to the entire family. But with Giselle’s hopeful spirit, we all believed that she, like so many others, would triumph above this disease.

            As time passed, her body became weaker. The chemotherapy drained the energy from her frail body. Dark circles loomed underneath her pale eyes, but Giselle only grew stronger in her faith. She convinced the other children in the cancer unit that they, like her, were going to be just fine.

            Her mother was always by her side. After speaking to some specialists, it was decided that Giselle would be transferred to St. Jude’s Hospital, near her home. I was so excited to finally be able to see my little cousin again. I wanted to hug her and to let her know that everything really was going to be ok.

 In the airport, awaiting their flight, Giselle told her mother that she was going to take a little nap. She never awoke from this slumber. This was very overwhelming and unexpected. We all had such high hopes for her recovery, but the cancer took her like a thief in the night. At the tender age of eleven, my cousin lost her battle with cancer.

This event continues to be the most devastating event in my life. It is difficult for me to understand why such a beautiful life would be taken at such a young age. However, her life remains to be a inspiration to all of us as we are reminded how hopeful and bright Giselle was throughout all of the pain and struggles she endured.

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Traumatic Experience Essay